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This indicates to be all around the news recently: George Clooney has separated together with girlfriend, Stacy Kiebler.

Men and women are saying this is the “older guy, more youthful lady” problem. Younger woman gets fed up with the earlier guy and stops the relationship.


are you experiencing anything preferable to report pertaining to? It is the the majority of ridiculous thing I ever heard.

Its George Clooney. The guy lives his personal existence and can make his or her own choices. The guy dates women of any age for a period of time after which they breakup.

However every person desires to twist and switch the storyline into some thing it isn’t really.

Let’s talk about the problem.

I get plenty of guys within 40s and 50s who say they only date ladies in their particular 20s.

I have found that definitely absurd. Privately, i’dn’t previously should date feamales in their particular 20s. It’s simply too young for where i will be in my life.

Yes, I’ve found them rather. They can be great to consider. Nevertheless second they start their particular lips, I’m not interested. They can be young and at a special level inside their resides.


“Have you dated younger ladies and

realized you weren’t on the same path?”

I’d quite relate to those who I get it on with – emotionally, psychologically and physically.

The “older guy, more youthful girl” problem is really almost earlier dudes trying to develop an actual physical relationship or link they didn’t have when they happened to be more youthful.

As far as I’m worried, i might never should relive my personal 20s. I allow people in their 20s stay-in their 20s, have fun, celebration and get a great time.

Myself? I’m not engrossed.

How do you realy guys feel about older guys and more youthful females? What type of a long time do you want to go out? How youthful do you want to go? Do you think get older actually does matter?

And let’s not pretend right here: the number of of you have dated younger females following knew you’ren’t for a passing fancy emotional or psychological course as them?

After an extremely small amount of time, the amount of people recognized your whole union had been considering sex? I would like to get the dialogue running along. Why don’t we hear it!

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